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Available apartments

week US$ 215.-
month US$ 645.-

week US$ 440.-
month US$ 1125.-

week US$ 375.-
month US$ 1100.-

week US$ 300.-
month US$ 900.-

week US$ 190.-
month US$ 575.-

week US$ 425.-
month US$ 1190.-

week US$ 300.-
month US$ 990.-

week US$ 365.-
month US$ 1080.-

week US$ 335.-
month US$ 1000.-

week US$ 375.-
month US$ 1125.-

week US$ 230.-
month US$ 690.-

week US$ 285.-
month US$ 855.-

Malba Museum

It is located in Palermo neighbourhood, and it is one of the most modern museums of our city.

In 1998, entrepeneur Eduardo Constantini call everyone for an international contest to design a museum that would allow him to atore his art collection permanently (it was stored in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes until 1995)

It was opened in 2001 and the building is covered by chalky stone and has great areas of glass and iron.

It stores over 200 pieces, between paintings, sculptures, objects and photographs of several latin american artists of the XX century, such as Frida Kahlo, Wilfredo Lam, Diego Rivera, Jorge de la Vega, Guillermo Kuitca and Joaquien Torres-García Apart from the collection, in the museum there's also a cinema, a coffee place, souvenier stores and a book store.


Available Apartments
at San Telmo

& Humberto Primo I

week: US$ 270
month: US$ 815

Av. Paseo Colón
& Humberto Primo

week: US$ 290
month: US$ 875

& Humberto Primo

week: US$ 270
month: US$ 815

Av. Garay
& Piedras

week: US$ 500
month: US$ 1500

& Av. Juan de Garay

week: US$ 190
month: US$ 565

Surroundings II

Diogenes and Linyera on the Cartoon street walk

The sculpture is located, under the shade of tree at 400's of Marta Lynch St., within the Argentine Women's Park in the neighbourhood of Puerto Madero, and was created by sculptor Pablo Irrgang, the same author of Mafalda and Clemente.

Diogenes and Linyera is a creation of the Uruguayan artist Tabaré Gomez Laborde and screenwriters Abrevaya and Jorge Carlos Ginzburg.

It is a daily strip that is published on the last page of the newspaper Clarín uninterrupted since its inception in 1977 -. It follows the adventures of a tramp on the square that shares life with his faithful friend, Diogenes.

The Cartoon Walk continues with sculpture of Mafalda in Chile and Defense at San Telmo and finishes in the Humor Museum at Puerto Madero.



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