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Some Previous Newsletters
Newsletter 49
9 New Furnished Apartment
24 de Marzo
San Antonio de Areco
Newsletter 50
6 New Furnished Apartment
April 2
San Pedro
Newsletter 51
9 New Furnished Apartment
Feria del Libro
San Nicolas de los Arroyos
Newsletter 52
9 New Furnished Apartment
Labour Day
Isla Martin Garcia
Newsletter 53
9 New Furnished Apartment
Premio Nobel de la Paz - 2008
May 25th: First Government
Newsletter 54
9 New Furnished Apartment
June 7th : Journalist day
Newsletter 55
6 New Furnished Apartment
June 10th: Reafirmation of Argentine Rights
Newsletter 56
6 New Furnished Apartment
Museo Malba
Newsletter 57
6 New Furnished Apartment
Independende Day: National Holiday
Newsletter 58
3 New Furnished Apartment
Alberto J. Armando Stadium
Newsletter 59
6 New Furnished Apartment
Our Facebook user
Newsletter 60
6 New Furnished Apartment
Mar del plata
Newsletter 61
6 New Furnished Apartment
Mar de las Pampas
Newsletter 62
6 New Furnished Apartment
Historic Streetcar
Newsletter 63
6 New Furnished Apartment
Dia de la raza
Villa Gesell
Newsletter 64
6 Nuevos Apartamentos
Fragata Presidente Sarmiento
Sierra de la Ventana
Newsletter 65
Nuevos Apartamentos
Carmen de Areno
Octubre 1983
Newsletter 66
Nuevos Apartamentos
La Plata
Noviembre 10
Newsletter 67
Nuevos Apartamentos
Noviembre 25
Newsletter 68
Nuevos Apartamentos
San Clemente del Tuyu
Diciembre 10
Newsletter 69
Christmas Present
Newsletter 70
Nuevos Apartamentos
Paseo La Plaza

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